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Calling all families of incoming kindergarteners! Kindergarten Kickoff is 5-6 p.m. on Thu. March 7 at all elementaries! More info.

Wellbeing Opportunities


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Welcome to week 5!

You made it to the second to last week of the Kick It Up! Challenge! Let's go for an average of 10,000 steps per day for the final two weeks of the challenge. High-five your teammates and pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you've put in. Log your steps and track your progress to stay motivated and reach your goal. You can do it!
Picture of Challenge Step Interval Chart with bi-weekly step count
Here are some highlights!
Pictures of 3 stars with Kickitup Highlights Week4

Wellworks For You

The district has partnered with Wellworks For you to provide an interactive wellness portal and virtual challenge platform. Follow the link to see what challenges are open for participation.


Do you work with someone who consistently uplifts, motivates and encourages those around them.  This award recognizes those who go out of their way to make others feel good, whether it's through a simple act of kindness, a thoughtful gesture, or a genuine compliment. Submit your nomination by February 23, 2024.
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Take the Challenge!

Unlock the many benefits of PAS, LSR7's Employee Assistance Program, and take a journey through the PAS website with this scavenger hunt. Everyone who completes the hunt will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Join the hunt now and find out what hidden gems PAS has in store for you and your family! Don't miss out on your chance to win - enter the drawing in January, February, and March. Click here to take on the challenge now!



PAS is the district's robust employee assistance program. Here you will find a number of resources to support all aspects of wellbeing including legal, financial, physical and emotional health,  resiliency, and so much more. Log in credentials to access the site can be found by logging in to the staff page and clicking on the Benefits & Wellbeing drop down menu.

Self-Care Calendar  provides daily self-care tips that can help you prioritize your mental and physical health. 

Action for Happiness is a valuable resource for those interested in learning evidence-based skills for happier living.

Headspace is a meditation and sleep app that is free for educators and support staff. Simply register with your employee email address and take advantage of their science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools.

Facebook page stay up to date on benefits and wellbeing events, deadlines, and news with our


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