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The sense of engagement and involvement you have with the area where you live.

o    Am I satisfied with the way things are in your community?
o    Am I able to relate and connect with other people within my community?
o    Do I have a good sense of belong?
o    Do I feel you are valued by your community?
o    Do I feel safe in my community? 
o    Do I feel welcomed in my community?

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”.

Hellen Keller


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Connection can help foster a sense of community and collective action, allowing people to benefit from emotional support, companionship, a sense of belonging, access to resources, and improved communication and collaboration. All of this can contribute to increased wellbeing for everyone in a community.

Interested in connecting with others but not sure how to get started?

Here are some opportunities with in our community to help you get started:


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Volunteering can have a positive effect on community wellbeing by providing support to individuals and groups in need. A variety of tasks, such as providing meals to those in need, cleaning up parks and public spaces, providing support and companionship to the elderly, and even helping to organize community events, are just some of the ways you can volunteer within your community. These activities help to create a sense of community, foster social connection, reduce isolation, and promote a sense of belonging. Additionally, volunteering can provide individuals with a sense of purpose and satisfaction and can help build a sense of pride and self-worth.

Interested in volunteering but not sure how to get started?

Here are a few volunteer opportunities locators to help you get started:

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Dignity, Equity and Inclusion

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Dignity, equity, and inclusion foster a sense of belonging and acceptance among members of a community. This allows for more open dialogue and understanding, which leads to greater trust and stronger connections within the community. In addition, when a community is more open and fair, it can create more opportunities for access to resources that can help strengthen the collective wellbeing of the people living there. Moreover, diversifying a community can cultivate a culture of creativity, innovation, and cooperation, which in turn can result in a stronger and more flourishing community.

Interested in how you can promote Dignity, Equity and Inclusion, but not sure how to get started?

Here are a few way to take action: