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Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals.

o  Do I get personal fulfillment from my profession?
o  Do I feel as if you belong at my place of work? 
o  Am I generally able to maintain balance in my work and home life? 
o  Do I feel as if my work is a job or calling?
o  Does my profession and/or work environment elevate me or drain me?


"Make work a purpose, not just a place"

Tom Rath

Summer Learning Academy 2024

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Roadtrippin; with Tech - Tools to Fuel Your Adventure

Join LSR7's Instructional tech team as they go Roadtrippin' with Tech and discover Tools to Fuel Your Adventure!
These FREE, 3-hour professional learning sessions will be points of interest along your route that you don't want to miss! During each session, you will have opportunities to learn about Edtech tools, experience them as both teacher and student, and create content alongside your ITS to help prepare you for the upcoming school year. 
The Points of Interest (sessions) along your route include: 
SMART IFPs • Lumio • Kami • ScreenPal • EdPuzzle • Canva • AI for Teachers • AI with Students • 
• Schoology • Google 
For more information and to reserve your spot, sign up in Unified Talent
*Need help with Unified Talent, click here.*
Morning and afternoon sessions are available throughout July and will be held in the
Lee's Summit North Media Center.  Space is limited; sign up today!

Feeling Stuck in your Career?

Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to unlock your potential and thrive at work. Affirmations are positive statements that help combat negative self-talk and build a confident mindset. This confidence translates into real-world benefits, allowing you to ace that interview, deliver a dynamic presentation, or calmly navigate challenges.

Here's how affirmations can empower you:

  • Boost Interview Confidence: Change your inner voice from self-doubt to self-belief with affirmations like I am a confident and engaging speaker" or "My message is valuable and will resonate with the audience."
  • Increase Resilience: Setbacks are inevitable. Affirmations like "I learn from my mistakes" or "This challenge will make me stronger" can help you bounce back and keep moving forward.
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Clearly state your career goals through affirmations like "I am a valuable asset to my team" or "I am one step closer to my dream job" every day.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to begin experiencing the power of positive thinking in your career!

Professional Development Opportunities

Are you looking to boost your career? These low-cost or free online classes are a great place to start! Explore these platforms and find the courses that align with your interests and
career goals:

1. edX: edX offers a diverse array of subjects, from data science to the humanities. Their free online courses are crafted by world-renowned institutions and industry leaders, making them a great choice for upskilling or lifelong learning.
Coursera: Coursera provides a wide variety of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and free online courses with certificates. You’ll find courses in nearly every subject and career field.
3. Canvas Network: Lifelong learning for educators. Canvas Network offers free courses from various universities and institutions. It covers a range of topics, including arts, business, health, and technology.
4. Cognitive Class: If you’re interested in tech and data science, Cognitive Class provides free courses on topics like Python, machine learning, and cloud computing.
5. Codecademy: Codecademy specializes in coding courses. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your programming skills, their free courses are worth exploring. Basic Access is Free.
6. Udacity: Udacity focuses on IT and tech-related courses. They offer free courses in areas like web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

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The Muse - 47 On-line Classes That'll Help Your Career 


Connecting Your Purpose to Your Career

Aligning your career and purpose allows you to perform meaningful work. Improved health, longevity and economic success have all been linked to having a purpose. Here are few ways to work towards finding your purpose. 

Tips for Finding Your Career Purpose

Setting Career Goals

When setting goals, it is important to not only ask ourselves what success looks like and what we are aiming to achieve, but also to identify how much we are willing to sacrifice in order to reach those goals. Knowing the amount of commitment we are willing to make can help us create and implement an effective plan to reach those goals. Here are some tips from James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, to help you on your journey to success:

How to Set Goals You'll Actually Follow

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