Short Term Medical Leave

Short Term Medical Leave (STML)

One of the most important items to insure is your ability to earn a living. Should a sickness or injury strike, your out-of-pocket expenses -- not to mention lost time on the job -- can impact the financial well- being of you and your family. The Lee’s Summit School District’s disability plans can help replace a portion of your salary in the event of a covered medical condition or off-the-job accidents. The cost of these coverages is paid by Lee’s Summit School District. These plans are insured through The Standard. To receive benefits your claim must be submitted to and approved by The Standard.

The District provides, at no cost, regularly scheduled employees (full- and part-time) receiving compensation included in a District contract and/or compensation summary, with a Short Term Medical Leave (STML) plan administered by The Standard. Regularly scheduled is defined as working in a position required during the hours and days of the student attendance calendar authorized for the school term. STML provides paid leave and continuation of insurance coverage to eligible employees when they are unable to work for an extended period due to a serious non-work related health condition. Pregnancy-related medical conditions which meet the requirements of this plan are covered on the same basis as any other qualifying health condition.

Eligibility Waiting Period

Newly hired employees shall become eligible for STML after having worked 90 regularly scheduled contract and/or compensation summary working days following their hire date. Hire date is defined as the first day of an employee’s contract and/or compensation summary for which compensation is earned. A whole or partial day worked is considered a day worked for purposes of satisfying the eligibility waiting period. Personal leave, vacation time, and/or any other whole day absence will not be considered a day worked for purposes of satisfying the eligibility waiting period. However, professional absences approved by the employee’s supervisor will be considered a day worked for purposes of satisfying the eligibility waiting period.

Salary and Benefit Continuation

If you are absent from work because you have a qualifying medical condition approved by The Standard, the salary continuation plan will provide you with a benefit equal to 100% of your regular salary beginning on the 11th day of absence due to the same qualifying medical condition. Regular salary consists of pay included in a contract and/or compensation summary. If applicable, your insurance benefits will continue while receiving STML benefits. You will NOT receive STML pay until the District receives The Standard’s approval of your STML claim.

If approval is not received by the end of your waiting period, you will be required to use paid leave (or be docked in pay if no leave available) until approval is received from The Standard. Once approval is received, any leave (or dock in pay) you used that is subsequently paid as STML will be reinstated in your leave bank balance (if dock, paid back to you) on the next available payroll. If your claim is denied, paid leave (dock) will not be reinstated and you will be expected to return to work immediately.

STML benefits may continue for up to a maximum of 115 working days. A whole or partial day of STML will be considered one day of the maximum benefit period. The total number of working days you may be absent for the same medical condition is 125 days, which includes the 10 day benefit waiting period and the 115 STML days. NOTE: Employment from the District will end upon usage of the maximum STML benefit of 115 working days, if no other leave options are available. The District provides Long Term Disability which is designed to provide benefits when STML has ended, if you are approved for Long Term Disability.

How to Apply for Short Term Medical Leave

To begin the process of applying for STML, please request a ‘‘Short Term Medical Leave-Employee Information Form’’ from the District’s Business Services Department at (816) 986-1000 or by email at

Benefit Waiting Period

To qualify for STML benefits, and to continue receiving benefits, your claim must be submitted to and approved by The Standard, the District’s STML administrator. You must use existing applicable paid leave (PDO/PTO and/or VAC/VTO) for the first 10 working days (days may be consecutive or non-consecutive) of absences due to the same qualifying medical condition. If your paid leave is insufficient to cover absences, your pay will be docked accordingly. After the waiting period, you are not required to use all your available leave balance(s) before receiving approved STML pay.


Returning to Work

The Standard and/or the District may require you to present a certification of fitness to return to work. Employees who are medically capable of returning to work on a part-time basis or in another position for which they are qualified by training or experience may be required to perform such services as a condition of receiving STML or in lieu of receiving STML.

To ensure an easy transition back to work, you may be contacted by a Return-To-Work Consultant from The Standard prior to returning to work and/or upon your return to work.

End of Short Term Medical Leave

Short Term Medical Leave will end the earliest of the:

  1. Date determined to be no longer qualified for the leave,
  2. Date the employee has received up to 115 paid leave days for the condition,
  3. Date of death,
  4. Date employment with the District ends,
  5. Date employee fails to furnish proof of continuation of disability, or
  6. Date employee refuses to be examined, if District or The Standard requires an examination.

Coordinating Short Term Medical Leave and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

If you are entitled to the benefits of Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), your FMLA leave and Short Term Medical Leave will run concurrently. Please refer to Board Policy GBBDA for FMLA eligibility requirements and additional FMLA information.

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