Student Loan solution


Savi student loan solution

Savi is a benefit brought to you as a part of the offerings of the CSD-Retirement Trust. 

What can Savi do for you?

    • Digital application with Savi e-file enrollment
    • Intuitive Online Tool
    • Maximize forgiveness credits
    • One-on-one support from Savi Student loan experts
    • Dashboard of news & policy changes
    • Plan monitoring, management, and enrollment reminders
    • Educational monthly webinars
Savi Impact

"I taught for 30 years. I'm financially not in great shape. I just kept pushing the loans off but you can't keep pushing them off, they're federal loans. It was all overwhelming at first, but Savi showed me it's not scary. I now know what my payments are going to be and lowered them to my realm of reality."

Nancy, New Jersey

"I started my forgiveness application process with my student loan lender in 2008 and was just doing it myself just to get denied. I met Savi and we turned it in successfully and my loans were forgiven on the first try. It's been over a 10 year process trying to apply to this and Savi got it done in under 1 year." 

Lucas, Montana

America's student loan debt crisis is postponing the American Dream for 46 million borrowers. On top of it, the rules to reduce payments and forgive debt are so confusing that experts say the system is truly broken with a staggering $1.7 trillion pile of debt added up. 

That's why LSR7 has partnered with Savi through the CSD Retirement Trust. Savi is an online concierge tool that will walk LSR7 student loan borrowers through lowering monthly payments with an income-driven repayment plan and ultimately achieve student loan forgiveness when available. Savi aims to be an ally in the complicated and often harrowing process of repaying student loans. 

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