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Check Out Our Behavioral Health Resources

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Start the year off right, focused on your emotional health!

Each year seems to bring new changes and new challenges, and they can sometimes become overwhelming. We want you to know that there are resources available to help you and your family when you need it. Whether you need assistance finding resources for your aging parent, need financial advice, family counseling, stress management, or just want someone to talk to, there are resources available to you.

Available to ALL employees and their household family members:

LifeMatters Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

LifeMatters EAP offers services to help promote total wellbeing. It provides you and your family members with confidential in-person, telephonic and/or web-based support on a wide variety of important and relevant topics such as behavioral health, stress management, child and elder care, nutrition, fitness, legal and financial.

Through the EAP, you and your family members have access to six counseling sessions per issue per year at no cost to you.

Support and guidance is available online at – Password LSSD1 and by phone at 1-800-634-6433. Click Here for more Information

Available to BlueKC plan members:

Mindful by BlueKC

Similar to the EAP, Mindful by BlueKC services can provide you with guidance for major life events such as divorce, stress, financial issues, childcare and other every day challenges.

Through Mindful, LSR7 medical plan members may have access to three counseling sessions per issue per year.

Mindful Advocates are licensed behavioral health clinicians that match you to the best providers and guide care plans for:

  • Listening

  • Navigating Care

  • Crisis management

  • Benefit guidance

  • Connecting you to care

  • Follow up

Click Here for more Information

Contact a Mindful Advocate at 833-301-MIND (6463) or call the behavioral health number on the back of your member ID card for help or additional information.

Complete Health and Wellness Center or Primary Care Provider:

Primary care providers are a great resource for managing and maintaining your mental health. The Complete Health & Wellness Center or your Primary Care Provider can:

Blue KC Virtual Care

Blue KC Virtual Care gives you access to board-certified doctors and therapists 24/7/365 straight from your smartphone, tablet, or computer who provide treatment for conditions like: anxiety, bereavement/grief, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, PTSD/trauma, panic attacks.

  • Psychologists and counselors are available for scheduled sessions

  • Visits start at $85 but vary by provider type, and may be less based on your plan’s cost share

  • Therapy services are provided by a network of doctoral level psychologists and master’s degree level therapists trained and licensed in virtual care prevention and therapy techniques

When utilizing Blue KC Virtual Care, there is a similar level of care that you get in the community, but in many cases at a lower out-of-pocket cost to you.

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