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The following leaves with pay will be provided to all full-time regular employees. Part-time regular employees will receive these leaves on a pro rata basis. Please refer to Board Policies GCBDA and GDBDA for the complete District Policies regarding leaves and absences.

Leaves & Absences

Catastrophic Paid Days off Bank

The Lee’s Summit School District has established a Catastrophic Paid Days Off (PDO) Bank. This bank is designed to ensure that those
most in need during a period of catastrophic illness of their own or of their immediate family would have paid leave available. It is not the intent to ensure protection from all situations, but instead to assist in catastrophic situations. Regardless of an employee’s
application to the Catastrophic PDO Bank, an employee may be eligible for FMLA or STML.
The bank is administered by the District’s Human Resources Department. The bank’s resources come from initial and continuing
contributions of PDO/PTO’s made by all members to the bank. Human Resources then disperses, based upon proper submission and
proper medical evidence, days of PDO/PTO’s to bank members. Members who receive days do not have to repay the bank. The bank
operates much like a long-term disability insurance plan, whereby the insured pays annual premiums for a benefit which, hopefully,
need never be collected.
Human Resources does everything in its power to give full and fair consideration to each request, however, the burden of complying
with the bank’s rules and providing sufficient medical evidence of disability lies entirely with the member. Again, remember that
individual employees may be eligible for FMLA or STML while not qualifying for Catastrophic PDO pay.

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LSR7 Benefit Stories

I cannot say enough good things about the Complete Health and Wellness Center! Every single time I have interacted with staff they have been welcoming and kind. I had a telehealth appointment scheduled and after talking through my concerns, Shelly Lynch had me come on in to the clinic for an in person exam so that she would be able to refer me on to additional services. The staff is accommodating, understanding, and very professional. What a great benefit for our LSR7 staff!

- Ashley Brouillette, Teacher, PVE

Erin Jensen helps me with any questions I have, it does not matter what it is!!! I have her in my phone for quick dial because she seriously is my "Go To" person! And if she does not know the answer, which by the way is not often, she wil lfind out for me and get right back with me. She is awesome!!

- Debbie Griffey, Production Staff, HHE Cafeteria

I came to the CHWC with some symptoms that were fairly severe. Not only did the provider I saw take plenty of time to consider a variety of possible causes and remedies, but also offered help with follow-up questions and emailed me several resources. They called a week later to check on how I was doing and continued to offer support weeks after my initial visit. The care I received from the provider, nurses, and other staff at CHWC was far beyond any medical care and follow-up I have ever received.

- Sarah Courtney, Teacher, LSNHS

The drive-up COVID testing was easy and fast with a friendly nurse. And, the follow-up provided helpful, practical advice. I learned things about COVID from the Center's nurse practitioner that I'd never heard before elsewhere! The Wellness Center is a gr8 benefit to employees, and this is not my first positive experience. Through the annual health assessment report (and accompanying LSR7 Inspiring Balance Employee Wellbeing Program), I have improved most all of my "stats and digits."

- David Jackson, Admin Secretary, HPE

Erin Jensen has been so very patient and helpful in assisting me with all the necessary details to complete the new hire beneifts packet. I know that she (as well as others in the Beneifts department) are extremely busy processing important information for many others in the district, however, she in particular has been a "jewel"...Again, Thank you Erin, YOU ROCK!!

- Michell Owens, Teacher, LSNHS

The receptionist greeted me with a smile under her mask and she worked to get me in safely to the clinic. The nurse worked patiently to verify which lab work my doctor was requesting. I appreciate them working in a safe and friendly manner.

- Susan Murphy, Paraprofessional, GBEEC