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LSR7 Benefit Stories

I cannot say enough good things about the Complete Health and Wellness Center! Every single time I have interacted with staff they have been welcoming and kind. I had a telehealth appointment scheduled and after talking through my concerns, Shelly Lynch had me come on in to the clinic for an in person exam so that she would be able to refer me on to additional services. The staff is accommodating, understanding, and very professional. What a great benefit for our LSR7 staff!

- Ashley Brouillette, Teacher, PVE

Erin Jensen helps me with any questions I have, it does not matter what it is!!! I have her in my phone for quick dial because she seriously is my "Go To" person! And if she does not know the answer, which by the way is not often, she will find out for me and get right back with me. She is awesome!!

- Debbie Griffey, Production Staff, HHE Cafeteria

I came to the CHWC with some symptoms that were fairly severe. Not only did the provider I saw take plenty of time to consider a variety of possible causes and remedies, but also offered help with follow-up questions and emailed me several resources. They called a week later to check on how I was doing and continued to offer support weeks after my initial visit. The care I received from the provider, nurses, and other staff at CHWC was far beyond any medical care and follow-up I have ever received.

- Sarah Courtney, Teacher, LSNHS

The drive-up COVID testing was easy and fast with a friendly nurse. And, the follow-up provided helpful, practical advice. I learned things about COVID from the Center's nurse practitioner that I'd never heard before elsewhere! The Wellness Center is a gr8 benefit to employees, and this is not my first positive experience. Through the annual health assessment report (and accompanying LSR7 Inspiring Balance Employee Wellbeing Program), I have improved most all of my "stats and digits."

- David Jackson, Admin Secretary, HPE

I've received great care here for a couple years, but started using them more for my kids as well. Yesterday my daughter woke up with extremely swollen lymph nodes in her neck, fever and sore throat. There were no appointments available so I messaged her provider asking if she could be squeezed in and THEY DID! We weren't treated like an after thought; Lisa was still very thorough and took the time needed to give a proper diagnosis."

- Jennifer Holbert, Admin Secretary, Nutrition Services

Erin Jensen has been so very patient and helpful in assisting me with all the necessary details to complete the new hire beneifts packet. I know that she (as well as others in the Beneifts department) are extremely busy processing important information for many others in the district, however, she in particular has been a "jewel"...Again, Thank you Erin, YOU ROCK!!

- Michell Owens, Teacher, LSNHS

The receptionist greeted me with a smile under her mask and she worked to get me in safely to the clinic. The nurse worked patiently to verify which lab work my doctor was requesting. I appreciate them working in a safe and friendly manner.

- Susan Murphy, Paraprofessional, GBEEC

About New Hire Benefits Orientation

What is New Hire Benefits Orientation? 

For new hires who are eligible to participate in the LSR7 benefits program, the new hire benefit orientation process will be completed in Unified Talent (aka Talent Ed).

New hires are required to complete the new hire benefit orientation tasks and will receive an email to either their personal or LSR7 google email account with instructions and a link to login and access Unified Talent (aka Talent Ed).

New Hires should expect to receive their New Hire Benefits Orientation within their first 30 days of employment in a benefit eligible position. 

What Will I Learn in New Hire Benefits Orientation?

  • Review of the insurance choices and benefits available to you and your family
  • Ability to complete your benefit enrollment online
  • Opportunity to schedule benefit enrollment assistance with the District’s Benefits team if necessary
  • Introduction to the District’s employee portal: Employee Online
  • Review of retirement savings options, including the PSRS/PEERS Retirement System
  • Introduction to Inspiring Balance, the District’s Employee Wellbeing program
  • Review of available Leaves & Absences

Tips for Completing Tasks in Unified Talent

  • The content in the new hire benefits orientation checklist in Unified Talent (aka Talent Ed) is best accessed using Google Chrome as your browser
  • Unified Talent is the system in which you submitted new hire documents such as your W4 and I9 during your onboarding process
  • Login to Unified Talent at
  • Your new hire benefit orientation tasks are numbered in the suggested order of viewing; it is recommended you follow this order
  • Some tasks are required and others are optional. The instructions within each task will identify if the task is required
  • Once you have completed a task, click “Save Final” in the bottom right of the task to mark it as completed
  • Once a task has been completed, you can view it again in your “Completed” task list

How to Enroll

Please do not attempt to enroll until you have completed your New Hire Benefits Orientation.

  • Your enrollment will be completed on-line and you may complete your enrollment from any computer which has internet access.
    Pop-up blockers must be turned off on your computer in order to complete the on-line enrollment process.
    To enroll, follow these steps to ensure completion of your enrollment:

  • Review the information contained on our website at and in the Benefit Guide to assist you in making your benefit choices.
  • Click on Enroll Now to begin your benefits enrollment.
  • Log in with your user ID and PIN. Your user ID and PIN are as follows:
    User ID: Your User ID is the first letter of your legal first name, first letter of your last name, and the last four digits of your social security number. For example, John Smith, SSN ending in 1234: User ID is JS1234
    PIN: Your PIN is equal to your date of birth. Enter two digits for month, two digits for day and four digits for year. For example, date of birth of March 10, 1980: PIN is 03101980
  • Once logged in, click on “Enroll/Change your benefits,” then click on “Plan Year Beginning January 1, 20##” (choose the calendar year your benefits begin) and then click on “Health and Welfare Benefits Enrollment” to make elections for the current calendar year. Work through the site by following the on-line instructions.
  • A confirmation statement will appear on the page once you have completed your enrollment. If the information is accurate, print a copy for your records and then click “Confirm.” You will then receive a confirmation number. Write this number down or print the page for your records. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your insurance elections will not be processed.
  • For first time Health Savings Account Enrollees (High Deductible Health Plan Enrollees only): If you are electing to have the District’s contribution deposited into a Health Savings Account (HSA) for the first time, then you must set up your HSA through Central Bank of the Midwest by following these steps.
  • The District will make contributions only to Central Bank of the Midwest HSA accounts. 

    If you have questions regarding the enrollment process or need assistance enrolling, please contact the Business Services Department at (816) 986-1000 or by email at

This site provides information detailing the benefit programs and options available to you as an employee of the Lee’s Summit R-VII School District. The benefits available to employees are designed to provide a variety of options. As an eligible employee it is important to understand those options and how to make the best choices for your specific situation and individual needs. As needs change, you may have the opportunity to make changes to coverage, either as a new enrollee, during annual open enrollment or mid-year when  experiencing a qualifying status change.

Your specific rights to benefits under the Plans are governed solely, and in every respect, by the official Plan documents and insurance contracts, and not by information included in this website. If there is any discrepancy between the descriptions of the Plans as described on this website and the official Plan documents, the language of the documents shall govern. Lee’s Summit School District also specifically reserves the right to revise, modify or terminate the Plans at any time.