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Eligibility & Enrollment

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to participate in the Lee’s Summit School District benefits program if you are regularly scheduled (full- & part- time) staff member receiving compensation included in a District contract and/or compensation summary or as required by law.  Regularly scheduled is defined as working in a position required during the hours and days of the student attendance calendar authorized for the school term.

The District’s contribution towards medical coverage for part-time employees is pro-rated based on the position and the number of hours worked. The medical premium costs illustrated on this site apply to full-time employees. Part-time employees should contact the District’s Business Services Department at (816) 986-1000 or by email at for medical rates.

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More About Eligibility

Retiree and COBRA:

Retiree and COBRA participants should contact CBIZ COBRA/Retiree Billing for insurance changes, premium payment questions, etc. 

CBIZ: 800-815-3023

Requirements and how you enroll depends on if you are a New Hire or if you have experienced a life change and you wish to Make a Change to your current enrollment.

This site provides information detailing the benefit programs and options available to you as an employee of the Lee’s Summit R-VII School District. The benefits available to employees are designed to provide a variety of options. As an eligible employee it is important to understand those options and how to make the best choices for your specific situation and individual needs. As needs change, you may have the opportunity to make changes to coverage, either as a new enrollee, during annual open enrollment or mid-year when  experiencing a qualifying status change.

Your specific rights to benefits under the Plans are governed solely, and in every respect, by the official Plan documents and insurance contracts, and not by information included in this website. If there is any discrepancy between the descriptions of the Plans as described on this website and the official Plan documents, the language of the documents shall govern. Lee’s Summit School District also specifically reserves the right to revise, modify or terminate the Plans at any time.